STARS refers to the people they’ve helped as VIPs or Very Important Patients. Every former patient they’ve assisted and every life they’ve saved has resulted in an impactful story, some of which will be showcased here as part of ‘STARS VIP Voices’.

Christian Toupin is one of those VIPs. A car accident on a remote country road resulted in the need for Christian to get to Health Sciences Centre a lot faster than an ambulance could. With help from STARS, he was able to make a successful recovery that helped him get back to a normal life. To learn more about Christian’s incident and how STARS provided essential support, listen to the audio below.


STARS is a charitable, non-profit organization whose success has been grounded in community partnerships and donations. Funds raised goes to tools, technology and talent, so the STARS fleet can ensure they respond to calls in the timeliest fashion, even when occurring in remote locations. Their helicopters are medically outfitted with mechanical ventilators, ultrasound machines, blood for transfusions and over 70 medications intended to be used in any trauma situation. Their staff are expertly trained professionals, staying on top of trends, treatment options and various forms of patient care.

If you’d like to make a one-time donation to STARS, or would like to learn more about becoming a monthly donor or Fund-A-Flight sponsor, visit their website or call toll free at 1-855-516-4848. Your support can help to save lives.

To learn more about the hundreds of Very Important Patients assisted by STARS, check out the STARS Our VIPs page.

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