Ashton Kutcher Refuses to Pose With His Arm Around Reese Witherspoon

Ashton Kutcher says the awkward photos with Reese Witherspoon were an accident.

After photos of the two posing together at the “Your Place or Mine” red carpet went viral, fans were amused by the uneasy way they stood together. Explaining the mystery behind the pics, Kutcher said he was trying to get ahead of any rumours.

“Here’s the thing. If I put my arm around her and was all friendly with her, I’d be having an affair with her,” he said during his appearance on “Chicks in the Office”. “The rumour would be that I’m having an affair with her. If I stand next to her, I put my hands in my pockets so that there’s no chance that could be the rumour – the rumour is we don’t like each other.”

The actor said the possible rumours were far from the truth.

“Reese and I are really good friends,” he explained. “We’re really close. I don’t have to defend that.”

What Kutcher did feel the need to defend, however, was his tense expression during some of the photos which he attributed to fatigue from posing.

“I can’t hear very well because I’m hard of hearing in one ear and I can only hear out of the other,” said the star. “I don’t know who’s yelling my name, but I know there’s a lot of people yelling ‘Reese! Ashton! Over here! Over here! Look at this one! That one!’ And at a certain point, you’re looking and you’re like, ‘God, this is really something.'”

In an exasperated tone, he concluded with, “If you’re gonna tell me in that entire 20 minute period, at one point you’re not gonna have an awkward face on, then you’re better than I am and I’m cool with that.”

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