Katy Perry Shares Emotional Moment With ‘American Idol’ Contestant Erika Perry During Audition

Katy Perry is bonding with some “American Idol” contestants.

During her fourth season as judge of the hit singing competition, the singer, 36, shared an emotional moment with Erika Perry on Sunday’s episode.

After Erika’s performance of her hit “E.T.”, Katy said, “I think you’re freaky, I think you’re weird, and I think you’re a little bit annoying.”

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“I think you’re both annoying and good. First of all, you are likable and I think that you may not think you are and that’s why you’re putting all this on,” she added. “Honey, I’ve been Insecure Jones for a long, long time… I know all about it. I do this sometimes because I don’t feel like I’m enough. I also think no one has ever believed in you.”

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After some more bonding, Katy said, “There’s a lot there, but some people don’t have anything, so it’s easier to strip it out than build it up. So I say, yes.”

Ultimately, Erika is heading to Hollywood after co-judges Luke Bryan voted “No” and Lionel Richie voted “Yes”.

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