Mike's Monday Outlook: get set for an extended cold stretch

Yes, there have been some cold days so far this month but this is the week where temperatures are going to cool off and stay below normal for quite a while.

The majority of the days so far in January have registered temperatures that have been above seasonal and so far, the daily mean average temperature sits at -12.2 C. That is well above the typical average of -16.4 C we will typically see by the end of the month.

Daytime highs so far this Jan, 2020.

Daytime highs so far this Jan, 2020.

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It’s time to start pulling that daily mean average temperature back closer to normal.

Temperatures will be falling gently for the next few days. Temperatures will fall slowly underneath cloud cover around southern Manitoba Monday night then stay flat or fall slightly on Tuesday.

Wednesday will again see flat temperatures, just slightly cooler than Tuesday. All the while, periods of light snow are expected.

There aren’t any significant weather systems moving through the region so the snow isn’t expected to be heavy.

Extreme cold, Arctic outflow warnings issued for much of British Columbia

The winds are also not expected to be very strong. Gusts up near 40 km/h or 50 km/h are possible on Tuesday so limited visibility shouldn’t be a major issue. By Wednesday night, approximately 5 cm is snow will have fallen around much of southern Manitoba but keep in mind, this will be spread out over three days.

For the end of the week, temperatures will cold. Even though Friday looks like the afternoon temperatures will get back closer to normal, it is looking very likely that will be a “warm” day compared to what will follow.

There is much more cold weather in the long-range forecast through the weekend and into next week.


Winnipeg's 5 day forecast for the week of Jan 13, 2020.

Winnipeg's 5 day forecast for the week of Jan 13, 2020.

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