Mike's Monday Outlook: Still no signs of serious cold for Manitoba

Southern Manitoba came out pretty clean from the Colorado Low that dumped 15 to 40 centimetres of snow on parts of the northern US, according to the National Weather Service. This same storm is responsible for the freezing rain around southern Ontario.

Behind this storm system, it won’t even be freezing around southern Manitoba.

Temperatures Monday morning were as cold as -11 C in Winnipeg. This is warmer than normal already and it appears the next time temperatures will get back close to normal will be at the end of the week.

Between Monday and Friday, temperatures will stay mild and above seasonal. Generally, the forecast will be sunny, but if Monday is any indication, some low lying cloud cover could change the day’s conditions to become more overcast than originally expected.

Later in the week there will be some snow in Manitoba. A low-pressure system will move through the province, primarily affecting parts of northern and central Manitoba, but there’s a chance Winnipeg and the southeast will get clipped by this system as well with some snow.

Not all models agree, but The Canadian weather model (GEM) forecasts around 5 cm of snow by the end of the day on Thursday. Other models have no snow, just a cloudy day.

Behind that system, temperatures will fall. Friday will seem cold compared the rest of the week but it’s the one day of the week where temperatures will be close to normal for this time of year as average temperatures continue to get cooler as days get shorter and shorter.

Winnipeg's 5 day forecast from Dec 2, 2019.

Winnipeg's 5 day forecast from Dec 2, 2019.

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