Is "Rampage" The BEST Video Game Movie Ever Made?

Wanna see The Rock fight alongside an oversized Gorilla against a Crocodile Godzilla hybrid and a behemoth of a wolf?

Sure you do. 

Last night I saw Rampage and halfway through I remembered that, “hey wasn’t this a video game?”

It was. 

The Concept itself is quite simple, you choose one of three characters; George, Lizzy or Ralph and you destroy a building or town as fast as humanly possible. I LOVED playing this game when I would find the arcade system in old hockey arenas while my brothers played hockey and I would load as many quarters as I could into this thing.

Fast forward to this year and most video game movies are terrible. If you haven’t seen it, Super Mario Bros. (1993) could be one of the worst video game movies ever made. 

Rampage looks like it could dethrone Warcraft as the highest grossing video game movie, and could quite possibly be the best video game of all time. I know I’m probably speaking too soon but this movie was a LOT of fun. The plot is basic, 3 beasts become extremely massive and strong, and decide to level a city. If you suspend disbelief and just watch it for what it is, (A popcorn movie) I think you will really enjoy it. I’m not going to rate this movie high, but I’ll definitely go again because, THE ROCK. 



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