Is Dexter coming back?!

That was my reaction when I noticed this promotional image for Dexter in my social feed.

Is Dexter actually coming back for a ninth season on Showtime? The above image showing a side-by-side split of Dexter and Hannah’s faces appearing above Dexter’s boat aptly named, the Slice of Life has gone viral over the past few days. The poster has a release date of September 2018 along with both the Showtime and Netflix logos.

At first glance it looks legitimate, but after having a closer look, it’s easy to see that this image is simply a piece of fan art.

First off, have a look at the image quality of Dexter’s iris opposed to Hannah’s. You’ll see that Dexter’s iris has more pixilation than Hannah’s. This tells me that the designer used different quality images for each character. Hannah’s was apparently of higher quality.

Another couple of elements that prove this isn’t legitimate, again, the image quality of the boat, but have a look at the boat’s windscreen. If designed correctly, the horizon of the red water should appear in the windscreen. And lastly, the horizon line itself is also a red flag. The horizon line is too straight and flat. You would typically see slight waves in the distance. And the rate at which the waves dissipate off into the horizon is too abrupt.

A representative for Showtime confirmed to IGN that “there is no truth to this rumor” of a new Dexter season coming this fall. It’s too bad, really. In an age where reboots of old movies and TV shows is the norm, this is one reboot that I would love to see as, like others, the ending didn’t feel right.

Here are some fan reactions to the fake Dexter image:

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